Poetry for passersby, @Kathryn_Welch_ community garden, Linlithgow

Thanks to the Scottish Book Trust, Kathryn Welch has been able to place my poetry road signs in her community garden and people make their own

from the title of my current play, Though This Be Madness and the poem, ‘Cusp’:


see one or two wash up on Kooljaman at dusk

dune pale


renting the shore

clutching a terry-towelling corner

whisked hair bent toward mercury sand

tracing the tail end of a neep tide

quietly foraging for something whole

in tide-chipped curls of home

trawling for perfection

to nestle in a palm

free from panic



tyres to force

a way through

a forgiving

sand, deeply



Land Cruiser parked hushed and inappropriate


we dig our heels into a photograph

squint to etch this dusk into memory

peeling layers of rust, ochre, and bone dust

from an unlikely blue – blinking beauty in the face

stumbling, grateful, captivated


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