“smell that picture” -Sydney Writers Festival- poetry in waiting


courtesy of Andrew Vincent Photography

Shared the poem, BRONTE and PLEASE SOUND HORN. 

Which led to the response, “we saw it all and we could ‘smell’ your poetry, especially the ‘attack on the senses” that is India, and the blinding, peaking ocean that rolls into Bronte. 

Beneath a buttermilk sun
the Krishna-blue dominance of myth and story
line the motorway
we putt, push, poke
past a polluted picturebook
beneath boastful billboards
beside the hooked elbow
of a thousand SIM-faithfuls
a thousand hot ears
a thousand million trillion mobile prayers
are sent skyward
while a grubby Ganesh sits plump and plastic 
on a pock-marked stone
while Shiva is still dancing, unmoved 
ten feet away, in an ancient temple
while someone scrapes his scooter to a stop with his sandal
while someone scuttles leg-less on a skateboard
between this rick-whallah and a sari’s gilt-edged hem
while she adjusts her laptop strap in the haze
and a millionare’s driver peels his eyes from her
to press a pedal
–skye loneragan

Long after lining up– the view from here – Angela’s note

Anglea's feedback

Long after a line up, Angela sent me this email. What I spoke to those in our queue cluster about, at this moment, was what I call a kind of ‘competitive positivity’ that I found myself immersed in having dropped into Sydney again. A kind of well-being one-up-manship, contrasted swiftly with being so long in Glasgow, where the conversational currency is more about including the dark AND the light- two ends of the one stick we could call Life. The surface level of Sydney, something so attractive because it also houses such a possibility of healthy heart, mind and body – was touched on in the poem that followed:

Renovate your child
Take good care of your kitchen
Stay within the sun-struck bind
of your beached, bleached smile.
Our art is still-born
you can hear a coin drop in here
Shhhh. Don’t discuss it. Don’t.
This is Bliss, This – this blinding, peaking ocean
Our lucky sneakers
My quality of wifestyle


Literary relief. CJ Bowerbird in action

“what are you waiting for?”
“we were waiting to see inspiring people and we managed to get there before we even got in the door!” 
CJ Bowerbird POET

CJ Bowerbird in action above, providing literary relief to loiterers awaiting their next big session…he was told by those standing just out of shot to the right – “our turn next!”  Waiting has never been quite so alluring. Next (story) Teller, Please! 

Line up, line up – Q-poetics works with Sydney Writers Festival queues 2013

What are you waiting for?  – Q-POETICS puts the poet in line for you who queue at the Sydney Writers Festival – arousing curiosity and offering literary relief to loiterers and lovers of fine word hanging out for the next big session.

Some beautiful work held in hand and in mind to be shared by these incredible q-poets

presenting partner

presenting partner

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