Peter sends me an email about the “value I provide”


After this somewhat animated rendition of THE LINE WE DRAW – a poem about the line we draw between ages and artforms, and long after the queue had gone in, and punters had listened to their chosen talk at the festival, I received an email from ‘Peter’ (below) to tell me how much his Wait Here woes were alleviated by Q-POETICS. And he even shared the photos he took!

I’m interested in this word, ‘value’ as to what kinds there are and what kind of currency this idea of value creates. What is the shape and size of this ‘coin’? What colour is this dollar that makes things ‘worth coming’ to? Worth. Value. And our Waiting Hours. 

peters email

2 responses

  1. Hi Skye
    Different spelling, but you are well named as you lightened up the wait in the queue with your animated words. I hope you are invited to every SWF. Good luck

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