Sydney Morning Herald includes this quest in their reporting!

Poet Skye Loneragan waxes lyrical to keep Games queues entertained

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.47.02 AM

I am chuffed that reporting on the Games can include a usually marginalised art-form, and that those marginalised can be spoken about- but really what I was trying to say about Curiosity is that I believe in it as a kind of currency (value & exchange), and that this is my response to the fact that there rarely is a common wealth.

What I went on to say about acknowledging our history in Australia is that I’ve experienced a deeply disturbing ‘lemon-ink’ apartheid, that we must respond to what is, and simply more often acknowledge what was, (our genocidal origins)… that there is such huge sorrow but also such gumption – I tried to speak about this in the poem CONTRAST II,


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