This Impossible Rim…poem about centering oneself and toppling magic, Writer-in-Residence for Wigtown Book Festival 2016

Wigtown Book Festival Writer-in-Residence

This is one of a series of poems commissioned in response to the Spring Fling visual arts festival in Dumfries & Galloway in May 2016 – I’ve installed myself in-transit on the bus shuttle service that took folk around to visit these artists homes (and studios), and this is the first poem written in response to that experience. This Impossible Rim is inspired, in part, by my time spent on a potters wheel post-heartbreak, (thanks the once ‘Go Potty’ in Glasgow – nothing more cathartic than trying to centre yourself with clay) – and the professionals who spin their forms and dedicate their time and talent to working with the wheel. 

Wigtown Book Festival Writer-in-Residence

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