Draping poetry over the queue barriers – Day 6 MON July 28th

At the Tollcross International Swimming Pool, in Glasgow, a very relaxed atmosphere in the adjacent rose garden despite the almighty snaking queue system complete with shiny new barriers glinting in the sun.

THE SUN!!!???? again, here in Glasgow we have had sun.

Our permissions as roving poets limited us to the areas OUTSIDE of the queue barriers where folk lined up for security, so we found ourselves looking in at those waiting and draping ourselves over a queue barrier. Not the most ideal situation for a non-intrusive dialogue – but smiles still surfaced. 

One gentleman on a bench told me he hated poets, they are all “smart” – but after granting me permission, and smiling at mine, he shared his own few lines he’d learnt by heart.

Another in-security queue cluster had told me about a situation where someone had to leave a long distance, Sydney-based relationship – and I shared the poem, “Rushcutters Bay, or I Can’t Decide” and the line

“Moored like these yachts

in obedient patience

I consider our trembling marriage”

It made me think of the few precious platitudes from Dr Seuss I cling to:

“When things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew

Just go right along, you’ll start happening too…”

And speaking of queue clusters, it is an odd thing to be doing a funded project aimed at reducing queue-induced stress where Glasgow2014 doesn’t want us working within the most obvious long line-ups: the security bag and tag airport-style queues.

We’ve done porta-loo queues, Box Office at St George’s square queues, queues at tube stations, queues that curl around a park, queues that reach critical mass at SECC before flowing in en masse, queues that stretch the streets… there are no shortage of options, but the organisers in Glasgow have been very efficient with their queues, bless ’em – most people are on the move!

The Kelpies opening – the line moves when you’re not looking

In queue @ the HOME event

as part of the opening of  The Kelpies @ the Helix:

Andy Scott's 30m high sculpture at Grangemouth / Falkirk, beside a motorway...impressive

30m-high sculpture at Falkirk, Scotland, beside a motorway…impressive.. lit from within on opening

– worked with queues of more than 750 per line, and on site over 5,500 per night. Simply gifting a poem to those who were waiting to be let in to the park, to be escorted to the start of their 90-minute stroll through artist’s installations and the light show at the Kelpies. We loved it when the line moved when we weren’t looking, listening had lifted the weight of waiting, surprise sending everyone off to their destination: KELPIE heads straining above a motorway, mountain fierce freedom. 

Departures with a ‘dancing philosopher’ ? Our paused trajectory in an airport queue

Lets drop this pretence for a moment. Start again. I am heading somewhere, excuse me, sorry, excuse me – I am flying to marry my husband, via Find Him First. Everyone suggested a direct flight but no, at least you get a few stops offs and it’s a lot cheaper. Or I am flying to Satisfaction.  Check-in desk for Notoriety now closed. Astronomical Wealth, only one flight a week, always sold out. Exclusive island. Gate number for last flight to That Perfect Job, Final Boarding to a Better Car. Delayed flight to Health and Well Being?
We can’t get there by going. These things are not the destination, these things are the flight. And in the meantime, it’s costing the earth as we all know. It’s not the flight that does it, that costs the earth, it’s our thinking that Manage My Booking has nothing to do with anyone else.
I am a philosopher by trade. That’s why I am wearing this suit.
Dancing Philosopher, obviously unemployed, stuck in Departures

Dancing Philosopher, obviously unemployed, stuck in Departures

I don’t exist. There’s no job description for a dancing philosopher. Not a dance philosopher, some of those are still employed, no, no – a dancing philosopher.
This queue is like…it’s like queueing for the Ark.
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volcanish ash queue

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport – sans line up


Stuck in Departures due to Volcanic ash falling over Europe- the snow outside, the swarm of us inside, camped out now in a waiting area, splayed all over each other, each of us with our own baggage.

I find it hard to grasp how we can  be a grain of sand, insignificant, and yet important – at the same time.  That we are scattered like this in fractional millions but can still get in someone’s eye. How together, we can bury a whole planet, but apart – we can’t even be seen.

Ah…….there’s a always a screen to stare at….

Inspiring gateways are easier than you think

This poster can make your life happier than any other in Departures.

Experience. You can’t buy it but you can bank on it.

Safety in numbers.

we’ve all got a lot of baggage here.