Barriers of Festivity


train station queue barriers


The way we etch ourselves into the Earth again and again through a snaking queue, bound by these familiar ropes and poles. Here are some festive (Comm Games) barriers erected at Glasgow’s Queen St Station. Stick to ducking the queue barriers while we can, while we are small enough…wanted to print up a tiny poem to line the pathway along these barrier ribbons so you’d read

” the    both    of     us    are    rocking   in    the    grin    of    our    choices   “

whilst taking a turn…maybe one day.


Poet @ the Commonwealth Games Glasgow!

Q-POETICS is funded by Creative Scotland through the Cultural Programme 2014

Q-POETICS is funded by Creative Scotland through the Cultural Programme 2014


100 DAYS TO GO!!! Q-POETICS is now part of the Cultural Programme 2014 and will work to reduce queue-induced stress at the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014. Can’t wait to work with those lining up to pay, purchase or pass at sporting and cultural events. To begin with, as a poet-in-training (flexing the imagination and toning my best attempts), are the video poems I WON (in response to the concept of winning) & CONTRAST II (in response to the fact that there is so rarely a Common Wealth)…Q-free viewing while you wait! ha!

The Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme is a national celebration. Culture 2014 will showcase dance, theatre, music, visual arts, comedy and much more in the run up to and after the Commonwealth Games, with Festival 2014 transforming the Host City at Games time. The Cultural Programme is a partnership between the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee, Glasgow Life, and Creative Scotland through National Lottery funding.

volcanish ash queue

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport – sans line up


Stuck in Departures due to Volcanic ash falling over Europe- the snow outside, the swarm of us inside, camped out now in a waiting area, splayed all over each other, each of us with our own baggage.

I find it hard to grasp how we can  be a grain of sand, insignificant, and yet important – at the same time.  That we are scattered like this in fractional millions but can still get in someone’s eye. How together, we can bury a whole planet, but apart – we can’t even be seen.

Ah…….there’s a always a screen to stare at….

Inspiring gateways are easier than you think

This poster can make your life happier than any other in Departures.

Experience. You can’t buy it but you can bank on it.

Safety in numbers.

we’ve all got a lot of baggage here.